The Reason Rally

The rally was, all in all, pretty damn kickass.  TONS of people had already shown up by the time I got there and it almost doubled when it started raining, which was comforting that so many people were dedicated to making a point to our country that the nonreligious are ready to make the changes necessary.  just like the sexual revolution 50 years ago, we as a country are at the point of another revolution (and as so many politicians are pandering to their constituents that have the money, also known as the ones with the most batshit-crazy ideas on how the eternal world works), but this time over something that should have NEVER reached the frenzy that it’s at today.

Our Founding Fathers had no intention of creating a country that was/is ruled by the Church, any equivalent of the Church or people who used religious teachings in a governing way, but rather one that allowed all people to have their private beliefs AND govern in a logical, reasonable way, free of mythological teachings, most of which were based almost 1800 years before the American Revolution.

Unfortunately, that’s where we’re at, and have been at for a long time. Long enough that our own history has been morphed into what the popular crowd thinks is true.  Many Americans firmly believe that those brave men who founded our country were strict Christians and began a Christian nation.  “Separation of Church and State” means nothing to these people, which is very sad for many reasons.  We are not, and never have been a religious nation.  Yes, we are a country with many religions, but so is every country on this planet.  Thing is, we have the beautiful freedom to admit, to EVERYONE, that a large portion of us are atheistic, agnostic, or simply living as Americans who support that incredibly important necessity of secular division.

The time has finally come where those of us who are happy to tell the world of our godlessness, or in my case, my happiness with my own concept of my own god and the absolute denial of your bigoted and hate-filled teachings of the outdated religion you adhere to so firmly.  Like it was said many times today, “We’re here, we’re godless, get used to it!”  We ARE here, dammit.  Now, treat us like we’re your fellow Americans.  We’re not going to protest your Sunday gatherings.  We’re not going to laugh during your funerals.  We’re just like you, except that we truly are about equality.  We don’t care if you’re gay, straight, black, Asian, Christian, Buddhist, Islamic or Jewish.  We don’t care if you don’t agree with us.  All that’s going to happen is we’re coming out of the woodworks, letting our leaders know we’re here and we’re paying attention.

This country has consistently elected Christian leaders to office, ignoring anyone who isn’t a member of that faith.  Those leaders then sign bills and mandates and rules and edicts that reflect the ideals of that religion, poisoning the very way many Americans live their lives.  What I want is real, true leaders.  Those who are a reflection of the individual states and counties, elected for what they can do for all their constituents, NOT solely the faithful constituents.  Those who will stand up and openly admit that yes, the religious will not be allowed to stick their greedy hands in the Capital Building, White House and Pentagon.  They’ll be sure to make it a point that state governments will be for the STATE and not the oppression of places like abortion clinics because, goddammit, that’s fucking murder.

What I learned today is how pissed off I am at my fellow Americans.  You guys.  Me.  Everyone that calls this country a home, everyone that claims they’re a TRUE American.  They support freedom.  But only on the surface.   Inside our minds, our actions, we just go with the flow.  We don’t stop buying from out of country to show support for our own economy that still isn’t very strong.  We don’t stop complaining about Right vs. Left, when it should be Idea vs. Idea.  Which idea is better for everyone and how we need to get to the point where it can be implemented.  We don’t stop bitching and complaining and throwing tantrums and crying and pointing fingers and just… being dicks.  We don’t do things that take effort to change the flow of the rivers.  We don’t do what fucking needs to be done to get the ball rolling in a direction that will help every single damn American citizen lead a better and more fulfilling life.  What we do do though, is make it difficult to get along with each other.  We are seemingly happy treating others like dirt.  We thrive on dramatic murder cases, we get hate-boners when someone does something negative and disruptive.

This Reason Rally is the first step, and it was a great first step.  It felt amazing being with so many people from my own country who believed and behaved and trusted and reached out in the ways I’ve wanted to for so long, and have helped give me strength to do so.  It was an awe-inspiring event, and I’m very glad I was a part of such a historic moment.  The thing is, will we make another step forward, or just sway back and forth with that first step down, not sure where to plant the other foot?  Is this the end, or is this the beginning of an awesome and hope-fulfilling journey towards what should have been set in stone 235 years ago?

I sure hope it’s the latter.


One response to “The Reason Rally

  1. Bravo my friend. Bravo.

    I personally would love to know what else could be done to keep the momentum forward. To be a part of that change. I’m not afraid to admit my godlessness anymore. Because quite frankly, there’s nothing wrong with me for it.

    I’d love to see an independent get voted in. Someone with fantastic *ideas* to actually get us pushed in the right direction as a nation. Someone who will finally keep any religious beliefs off the table when it comes to our society.

    It’ll be a task, but, freethinkers, atheists, humanists, and the like…we’re a largely intelligent group of people. We can do this.

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